Ages of quiet contemplation echoed down endless corridors. Sound once confined to empty space now vibrating earthly molecules. A shiver down the spine, or a lump in the throat. The proverbial twig snapping in the forest. Something that has always been there, in the darkened corners of your imagination.

Ethereal Kicks was conceived from a need to find the beauty in those dark corners. Frontman and permanent member Tyler Atkinson accomplishes this via dark, acoustic-driven folk pop. 

Ethereal Kicks released the debut EP, A Sea Of Disarray, in September 2018, much to the joy of the fans who financed the album via a Kickstarter campaign. The album takes a strange trip through sweeping cello hooks and earnest, alt-rock balladry.

Though beginning as a designated songwriter, Tyler began taking his writing skills to the stage and started performing in 2017. Since stepping out, he has performed at several songwriter showcases in the Seattle area. You might also catch him at a local open mic night. Check back for show dates!