Even smaller wrinkles

In or around October of 2016, I decided I wanted to professionally record some of my songs. I had been writing songs since my childhood, and a lot of the ones I wrote along the way ended up being pretty good, I thought. I never made many attempts to play out so most of this writing and recording was done behind closed doors, or for friends and family. But I had always loved recording.

I remember buying my first 4 track at 16 and recording my songs using my guitar, a bass, and a drum machine. I'd create more and better tracks over the years, and dreamed of releasing a proper album. In a moment of clarity on that October night, I knew what I needed to do: I had to make a professional record. But where to start? Making a record is expensive. 

Although it's always the case, we live in strange, wonderful times. These days you can buy a car, see any part of the world, or even crowdsource the funding for your album from your couch. Which is exactly what I did. Thanks to amazing support from my friends and family, I raised enough to begin recording the album. Which brings us to now. The record is almost finished and we are moving to the mastering phase soon. I am getting ready to procure the album art, and have started planning the release party. 

Which brings me to the reason for this post. I keep the backers of the project updated as to the status of the album, and I wanted to share something I wrote to them today about the creative process: 

"I like to think about the recording process as like ironing a shirt. It starts out rough and full of wrinkles, and you just iron each section out until it looks good. Then, you look even closer and find even smaller wrinkles to iron out. Small, subtle changes that a lot of listeners might not even notice, but as you continue to make these changes and refine further, the shirt looks even better."

I can't wait to show you how my shirts came out.



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