A Sea Of Disarray

Ages of quiet contemplation kicked down endless corridors. Sound once confined to empty space now vibrating earthly molecules. A shiver down the spine, or a lump in the throat. The proverbial twig snapping in the forest. Something that has always been there, in the darkened corners of your imagination.

Ethereal Kicks was born from a need to shape the intangible. From thoughts and ideas that appear at impossible distances to the frightening and beautiful things that flow through our minds. From how strange it is to even consider your very existence. The Pacific Northwest provides a grand stage for these ideas, with its buzzing metropolises and marvels of nature. These seemingly conflicted entities make way for a separation of the mind; one part believing that we are all worthy and connected to the higher power, the other believing that existence is nothing more than a cruel trick of the brain interpreting the senses.

A meeting of these minds is where the shaping begins. Where do these thoughts come from? Do they resonate through us from another dimensional plane? Is it a two way spiritual highway? Or have we been arbitrarily dropped into a churning Sea of Disarray?